about brand

How does, what does he do?
It is a fashion brand of Spanish nationality who was founded at Manresa (Barcelona) in 2009 and established its first official corporate website in 2011 through the implementation of Google, Blogspot. Her founder and president is Patricia González.
VCG (modern times) is an online store dedicated to the design, craftsmanship, accessories, marketing and customization of clothing for women. It is also very involved in the world of Public Relations and is dedicated to preparing all kinds of events.
What does iVCG?
Valentina c. González, is the name I’ve always dreamed of putting my daughter, for all the good that might do in the future, it will be by and for them, my children.
Relevance from 2009 through 2013
In 2009 – Creation of the first collection “Angels Night”, clothing and accessories. Active participation in photo contests, prizes reaching two of them school level.
In 2010 – Creating customized dolls, and headdresses. Working with crafts in general. I contributed in the exhibition “City and Trade” of my town (Manresa) with work photographic and advertising.
In 2011 – Collaboration with different fashion blogs and small magazines. As well as decorations for weddings. Participation in the 2nd International Festival of Poetry “Women Cry” with a display of photographs and illustrations.
In 2012 –  Selected finalist in national contest on the best Research work under the title “Fashion: Heads and Tails of the same coin” (Research,Design and Manufacture). Collaborations with international women’s movement, in the 080 Barcelona Fashion and Brides Spain with different designers. Creation of the second collection and clothing. 
In 2013 – Participation in the 3rd International Festival of Poetry “Women Cry” on camera and video editing.
And am currently creating a fashion magazine, as well as a fashion show.
Present situation
Each year gets a new look, while keeping the same style, elegant chic with a vintage twist, so that it is recognized. Like high fashion and luxury-loving and feminism. Used lace, tulle and sequins that characterizes his designs and accesories.
Women who crave shine at night and for men who want to become enlightened to the charm of the sublime. His designs and accessories make a style that allows you to feed the fantasy and glamour defined the look and personality of those who ride.
On the website you can find a catalog that spans different manifestations, and the latest fashion trends, what to wear and how?
The main building is Tina’s doll, a name that comes from Valtentina VCG with the aim of creating ladies applying new trends inspired by the rich heritage of design and dress. There is also a range for boyfriends. Furthermore, within the catalog can be found headdresses, personalized gifts, fashion collections.


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